Caution for Wearing

Please refrain from wearing excessively as the product may break if worn with force.

How is Shipping Processed?

Production days (business days): approximately 4-7 days / Shipping period: approximately 2-3 days (excluding weekends). Please note that unexpected delays may occur during weekends or in the distribution and processing stages.

  • Even for products from the same brand, they may be shipped separately due to different shipping dates for each product.

  • Product shipping varies based on the supplier's policy.

Cancellation/Returns/Exchanges Information


  • Even for products from the same brand, the return/exchange collection points may differ. Please ensure to send to the designated collection point after checking the product details or collection point information.

  • If the product is sent to a non-designated collection point, additional costs may occur due to courier loss or re-sending.

  • If you send the product to the collection point without an "Exchange/Return Request" through "Mail Submission," additional costs may incur for re-sending, and in some cases, exchange/return may be difficult.

  • For exchanges/returns due to reasons other than product defects, such as size or color exchange based on personal preference, the round-trip courier fee will be borne by the customer.

  • Immediate order cancellation after payment is possible if you send an email with the title "Order Cancellation/Exchange/Return Application."

  • Please note that order cancellations may be processed due to reasons such as stock shortages after order completion.

  • Cancellation may not be possible depending on the seller's approval (if the product has already been shipped or packaging is completed).

  • Exchange requests are limited to one time only, and additional exchange requests are not allowed after exchange shipping is completed.

  • Returns/exchanges are accepted for unused products within 7 days of delivery completion.

  • Arbitrary returns are not allowed. Please send an application by email titled "Order Cancellation/Exchange/Return Application."

  • For product defects or misdelivery, exchanges/returns are possible with free courier service, but differences in monitor color, fit, and individual size preferences are not valid reasons for product defects.

  • If the product is damaged or altered due to customer negligence, returns/exchanges are not possible.

  • In case of delayed cancellation/return refunds, procedures for compensation for delayed refunds will be carried out according to the Electronic Commerce Act.

Cases Where Returns/Exchanges Are Not Possible
  • If the product is used or damaged, if free gifts are missing, if the product TAG, warranty certificate, or product parts are removed or lost.

  • If the sealed packaging is opened, or if internal packaging is damaged or lost (except for unpacking for product inspection).

  • If the product value is significantly lost to the extent that resale is difficult due to the passage of time.

  • If the product is custom-made upon your request and is difficult for others to use.

  • If the delivered product is installed (appliances, furniture, etc.).

  • Other cases falling under the limitation of withdrawal as stipulated by the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.