Desert Edition
Timeless bonds

A new innovating pendant for a limited time.

Limited to 100pcs


Desert Edition

Drawn from the enchanting duality of the desert, experience the melted metal under the sun and the subtle softness under the moonlight right now.


Experience simplicity, elegance, and enchanting beauty.


We are expanding the boundaries of Korean fashion creativity. Each product is meticulously crafted using high-quality materials to ensure optimal finishing and comfort.


Experience the aesthetics of Korean style.


Genderless, my own way of expression.


• Yoonseul | Symbolizing the shimmering ripples reflecting the sunlight or moonlight on the flowing waves in pure Korean language.

Embrace the beauty of your hands with YOONSEUL™'s distinctive designs. Our products, designed to gracefully cover the nails when worn at the fingertips, add a touch of trendiness to glamorous evenings, special occasions, or your everyday style. Explore our items that will be there to accompany you in all your moments.

Métal fondant

New Collection


Discover the beauty beyond boundaries with our genderless collection. Embrace your individuality and redefine style on your own terms.


The name 'Yoonseul' symbolizes the glittering light reflecting the sun or moon, much like our products, representing Korean ideals. Our unique products are crafted to illuminate your life from special moments to everyday occasions.

So, which product would you like to further enhance that beauty?

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